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From D-Day to V-Day (June '44 - May '45)




This DVD is only for use on a PC or Apple computer. You cannot play the DVD on your DVD player connected to your television set. Your computer only needs minimal system specifications, because we have programmed this DVD for maximum flexibility. Your PC or Apple device needs to have a DVD-player built in. If you do not have a DVD player built in, you can choose the direct download option in the order section.

First of all, this DVD is an unique digital archive of The Stars and Stripes newspapers, as they were published between June 7th 1944 and May 31st 1945, or, from D-Day to V-Day. This means 2.000 exclusive pages of great historical value, which have been optimised entirely for examining, reading and printing. The DVD-package contains:

- 2.000 original, historical newspaper pages entirely readable and printable
- An impressive virtual tour through Europe from the allied invasion to the liberation of Europe
- Unique video material, photographs and original sound fragments
- Many original WWII-posters in printable format
- Detailed, high resolution maps of the European Theatres or Operation

Below you will find the specifications you need to view this DVD. The DVD can also be downloaded at a more lucrative price. Unpack the zipfile on your PC or Apple computer in a directory of your choice. Start the archive by double clicking the start (.exe or .app) file.

Important: state when ordering the DVD whether you are using a PC or Apple computer

What do you need:
- PC or Apple computer with DVD-player
- Modern browser with javascript enabled (Google chrome prefered)
- Internet connection (for security reasons)


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All together the DVD "The Stars and Stripes Archive: From D-Day to V-Day" has become a unique and timeless document,
that can not be missed by anyone with an interest in history and the Second World War in particular.
Major General Kenneth Bowra, a retired officer, who used to work at the Regional Headquarters of the Allied Forces North Europe in Brunssum, The Netherlands, praised Mr. Hermens for his 'extraordinary efforts' to consolidate all issues of the army newspaper into this valuable historical chronicle of World War II.

The complete archive is now available on DVD or as direct download.

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