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From D-Day to V-Day (June '44 - May '45)


The archive

Collection of historical material from D-Day untill V-Day

This DVD contains the complete collection of The WWII Stars & Stripes newspapers from D-Day untill V-Day. In total this archive consists of 333 WWII Stars & Stripes issues wich contains 2000 pages. The pages on the DVD are completely optimised and easily viewable, readable and printable (!) for anyone, through a technique, that breathes the same 'look & feel' as a real newspaper. The pages gives you a realistic view of how the situation was at the front lines of WWII with interesting stories, photos and drawings. A must have for anyone with an interest in history and the Second World War in particular.

The archive contains:
- WWII Stars & Stripes archive
- Searchable by month and day
- Userfriendly timeline
- Overview of all frontpage headlines
- War maps June '44 - May '45
- Collection propaganda posters
- Collection historical audio files
- Collection historical movie files
- Collection historical photos

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All together the DVD "The Stars and Stripes Archive: From D-Day to V-Day" has become a unique and timeless document,
that can not be missed by anyone with an interest in history and the Second World War in particular.
Major General Kenneth Bowra, a retired officer, who used to work at the Regional Headquarters of the Allied Forces North Europe in Brunssum, The Netherlands, praised Mr. Hermens for his 'extraordinary efforts' to consolidate all issues of the army newspaper into this valuable historical chronicle of World War II.

The complete archive is now available on DVD or as direct download.

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